Benefits check

Every year, people in the UK are missing out on benefits and tax credits worth more than £10 billion. To make sure you’re claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to, use our free benefits checker.

Benefits are usually available if:

  • You're out of work
  • You've got children
  • You have a low income
  • You're ill or disabled

If you’re struggling financially it’s important to make sure you’re getting all the income you’re entitled to. Why not use our completely free benefits checker* to find out if you’re entitled to any extra benefits.

The extra benefits you might be able to claim could make a big difference to your situation and the debt solutions we can offer you. If you’re already a StepChange client please contact us if your benefit income changes.

Tip: Grab any documents you might need before starting a check, like pay slips, bank statements and bills. If you don't have everything you need right now you can save your check and come back to it later.

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Benefits checker

Use our benefits checker* to help you find out what benefits you may be entitled to.

*The benefits checker website is not optimised for mobile devices.