Our governance framework, charity trustees and strategy

StepChange Debt Charity is governed by a Board of Trustees, chaired by Sir Hector Sants.

The Board of Trustees as a whole is collectively responsible for delivering the long term success of the charity, while the executive team work closely with the trustees to carry out our day to day operations.

In this section you'll find information about our governance framework, policies and the responsibilities of the Board.

Our trustees

Our Board of Trustees bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, and is responsible for the charity's overall governance and strategic direction.

Trustees of StepChange Debt Charity

Find out more about the Trustees of Foundation for Credit Counselling.

The Board and its Committees

The Board of Trustees are collectively responsible for delivering our long term success. Find out more about their responsibilities.

Our governance structure is as follows:

StepChange Debt Charity governance structure diagram

Our strategy

Our three-year strategy (2015-17) builds both on our current strengths and anticipates a changing social and economic environment. Find out more.

Our executive team

Our executive team includes industry experts from fields including finance, external affairs and business development. Find out more about them.

Regulatory information

Find out more about our statutory accounts, and how we’re regulated and governed.